2020 Franchise Avenue Expo Dates:  January 20-24  |  April 20-24  |  July 20-24  |  October 19-23

Exhibitors of The Franchise Avenue Expo event will immediately feel how different and wonderful these events are when compared to traditional shows.

The Hassle-Factor is gone! No need to dust off bulky expo setups and spend time hauling them around town when you could be working with clients. With The Franchise Avenue Expo, companies carry on with daily activities while potential buyers gather in their “booth” to get the information they need.

“The Franchise Avenue Expo offers NATIONAL exposure at a FRACTION of the cost of one traditional show”

The Space-Fillers are gone! The Franchise Avenue Expo strives to only include exhibitors specific to the theme of the event. Exhibitors must have strong reputations and be able to provide the best services to attendees. No space-fillers will be allowed…or needed…because we don’t have a convention room to fill.

The list of benefits is never-ending but read on to see what we think are some big ones!